Minotaur Fitness X-treme Indoor Cycling Bike With DVDs

Minotaur Fitness X-treme Spin Bike

The Minotaur Fitness X-treme indoor cycling bike is the perfect choice for cycling enthusiasts who want a gym-quality spinning experience at home. The 39-pound flywheel is heavy enough to provide a smooth ride, but not too heavy to cause hip discomfort. The dual-sided pedals offer superior traction. The bull-horn style handlebars are easy to grip in multiples riding positions, and the digital display tracks speed, time, distance and calories burned. In short, the Minotaur X-treme offers high-end features at a mid-range price point of about $600. Features include:

* 39-lb flywheel

* Dual-sided cleated pedals

* Adjustable seat

* Adjustable bull-horn handlebars

* Knob-style resistance controller

* Digital display of speed, distance, time and calories

* Includes 7 Spinning DVDs

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