LifeSpan S2 Spin BikeThis popular gym spinning bike is also available for home use.
* 40-pound balanced flywheel offers the heavier feel that is often preferred by experienced indoor cyclists.
* Poly-V drive belt provides a smooth ride.
* Adjustable handlebars
* Adjustable seat
* The pedals are removable so you can switch them out for toe-clips to accommodate your favorite spinning shoes.
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Stamina CPS 9190 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Stamina CPS 9190 indoor exercise bike is one of the best spin bikes for beginners. Priced below $350, it is one of the most affordable of the brand name spin bikes. It doesn’t offer fancy extras, so you might want to swap out the pedals if you prefer clip-on cycling shoes, but it does offer a great workout for the price. The reviews on this bike are universally positive, so it’s a great low-risk way to try out a home spinning bike if you’ve been thinking about it. The flywheel on the Stamina CPS 9190 is only 21 lbs, meaning it may be a little light for experienced cyclists who are used to a heavier ride, but the light flywheel is a good choice for beginning cyclists who might experience hip discomfort with a heavier wheel. Features of the Stamina CPS 9190 include:
* 21-lb flywheel
* Knob-style resistance adjuster
* Adjustable seat and handlebars
* Water bottle holder
* Wheels for easy transport
* Quick set-up (less than 30 minutes)
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Sunny Health Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Priced at under $300, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro spinning bike is an incredible value for the money. Who would have thought that one of the cheapest spinning bikes would come with a heavy-duty 40-pound flywheel? The Sunny spin bike is just a great no-frills high-value indoor cycling option for users who want to try spinning at home but don’t want to invest a lot of money. Read our full review of the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike. Features include:
* 40-lb flywheel
* Adjustable dual-grip handlebars
* Adjustable seat
* Chain-driven
* Wheels for easy transports
* Assembles in about 20 minutes with tools provided
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Minotaur Fitness X-treme Spin Bike

The Minotaur Fitness X-treme indoor cycling bike is the perfect choice for cycling enthusiasts who want a gym-quality spinning experience at home. The 39-pound flywheel is heavy enough to provide a smooth ride, but not too heavy to cause hip discomfort. The dual-sided pedals offer superior traction. The bull-horn style handlebars are easy to grip in multiples riding positions, and the digital display tracks speed, time, distance and calories burned. In short, the Minotaur X-treme offers high-end features at a mid-range price point of about $600. Features include:
* 39-lb flywheel
* Dual-sided cleated pedals
* Adjustable seat
* Adjustable bull-horn handlebars
* Knob-style resistance controller
* Digital display of speed, distance, time and calories
* Includes 7 Spinning DVDs
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Keiser M3 Spin Bike With Computer

Perhaps you have enjoyed using the Keiser M3 spinning bike at your local gym or fitness center. If so, you already know that this indoor cycling bike offers a ride and feel that is superior to most indoor exercise bikes. With a unique resistance system that uses an eddy current, providing an ultra-quiet ride and a bike that requires almost no maintenance. The Keiser M3 is simply one of the best indoor cycling bikes on the market. It comes with a built-in computer that tracks heart rate and calories burned. Read our full review of the Keiser M3 Spin Bike. Features include:
* A rear-fitted flywheel that keeps it away from corrosive sweat and takes up less space
* 24-gear resistance controller
* Adjustable Shimano pedals (can be removed and replaced with your own pedals)
* Infinite number of seat adjustments (no notches, just a sliding stalk)
* Industry-leading 3-year warranty
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Lemond RevMaster Pro Spinning Bike

If you are a spinning enthusiast who appreciates the quality details of a high-end spin bike, then you will love the Lemond RevMaster. Featuring a belt-driven resistance system and electroless nickle plating (stronger than stainless steel), you can enjoy high-intensity workouts for years with minimal maintenance. Some users have said the Lemond RevMaster offers such a smooth and sturdy ride, the bike feels like it’s bolted to the floor. The RevMaster is not the cheapest indoor cycling bike, but every bike tested prior to shipping, so you know you’re getting a high-quality spin bike that will last. Features of the Lemond RevMaster include:
* Belt-driven flywheel
* Fender protects flywheel from sweat (less corrosion)
* 4-way microfit to ride upright or in a seated-flat position
* Personalized fit for riders of all heights
* Maximum user weight 350 lbs.
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MultiSports 200 Commercial Spin Bike

Looking for a commercial-grade spin bike to use at home? The MultiSports 200 Commercial exercise bike is built to withstand the heavy-duty use of spinning class, but priced at about $500, it also makes a very affordable home spinning bike. (It’s a chain-driven bike, so if you prefer belt-driven, see the Fitness Master Momentum.) With a 42-pound flywheel, the MultiSports 200 offers a smooth heavy ride and the adjustable seat and handlebars will satisfy just about every rider. Features of the MultiSports 200 indoor cycling bike include:
* 42-lb flywheel
* Adjustable seat and handlebars
* Fast set-up
* Removable seat
* Very sensitive tension knob for quick resistance adjustments
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Fitness Master Momentum Spin Bike

The Fitness Master Momentum spin bike offers one of the heaviest flywheels on an indoor cycling bike. The flywheel on the Fitness Master cycle is belt (rather than chain) driven, resulting in a very quiet ride and a low-maintenance exercise bike. Two sets of handlebars allow the rider to choose a wide grip, or a racing grip with hands close together. Read our full review of the Fitness Master Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike. Features of the bike include:
* 44-pound Flywheel
* Anatomically-correct seat with mid-section cut away
* Two sets of mounted handlebars for wide or racing grip
* Water bottle and mounted holder
* Weighted pedals with attached toe straps (not compatible with clip-on cycling shoes)
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Phoenix 98623 Pro II Spin Bike

The Phoenix 98623 Revolution Pro II is a very well-built spin bike for the price. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it offers 2 resistance pads which diminish wear and tear and extend the life of the bike. The heavy frame and heavy flywheel provide a very smooth ride. It may not be the best choice for riders under 5’4″ as the handlebar adjustments don’t allow for a very close fit, but overall the Phoenix 98623 provides a solid, sturdy indoor bike workout at a price about half of what you would pay for a commercial spin bike.

* Flywheel weight 40 pounds
* Pedals have attached shoe straps, not compatible with indoor cycling shoes
* Seat is adjustable forward and backward
* Tension knob to adjust resistance levels
* Maximum rider weight of 250 pounds
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Bladez H914 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Bladez H914 is one of the most popular spin bikes for club riders who want to train at home. Read our full review of the Bladez H914 Jet.
* The H914 Jet has a 31 lb. flywheel – one of the lightest flywheels available on a spin bike.
* Adjust the angle of the handlebars, a feature unique to the H914 jet
* Flat levers provide 12 levels of resistance
* Standard grip handbrake is just like a road bike.
* The padded seat can be adjusted and backward, as well as up and down
* Attached wheels make it easy to move the bike around your home or apartment
* Lifetime warranty on the frame, 1 year parts
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